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Medical Treatment Utilization Schedule (MTUS)

30-Day Public Comment - 3/30/20 Guideline Updates


Permanent Regs filed w Secretary of State - effective on 8/13/13

Predesignation & Chiropractor Treating Physician

Approved by OAL & Filed w Sec of State - effective 7/1/14


Approved & filed with Secretary of State - effective 8/27/14

MTUS Guidelines on Chronic Pain Tx and Opioids Tx

Filed with the Secretary of State

Utilization Review (UR) & Independent Medical Review (IMR)

SB 1160 Revisions & PR-1 - 1st Forum Comment

MTUS Drug Formulary & ACOEM Guidelines

MTUS (ACOEM) Evidence-Based Updates / 30-Day Comments

MTUS Drug Formulary

Drug List Updates Adopted by AD Order - effective January 15, 2020