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Bob Young

For Press Release:

CWCI Releases Training Manuals on 2009 California Workers’ Comp Regulations

The California Workers’ Compensation Institute recently completed its 2009 California Workers’ Compensation Regulatory Update seminar and is now making the 200-page training manual from that program available for those who were unable to attend the seminar and for attendees who requested additional copies for in-house training and reference. The manual is broken into five sections:

• The QME Regulations
• The Medical Treatment Utilization Schedule
• Updates on Ogilvie and Almaraz (rebutting the PD Rating Schedule)
• Audit Regulations
• Regulatory Changes on the Horizon

In addition, the manual contains useful supplementary information, including a handy QME Regulations Desk Guide, dispute resolution flow charts, a Guide to the QME Statutory and Regulatory Time Frames and several of the key forms, as well as an overview the recent Medical Treatment Utilization Schedule changes and a table citing the relevant statutes, plus a glossary of key MTUS terms.

The price of the manual is $50 for CWCI members, $65 for nonmembers, with a discount of $15 per manual for orders of 10 or more. To order, visit to the Institute’s online Store at http://www.cwci.org/shop.