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Office of Self-Insurance Plans (OSIP)

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3rd 15-Day Comment Period03/10/2020

Notice of Modifications to Proposed Regulations

Form AR-2 Addendum - Rev. 02/2020

Public Employer Reporting Appendix

Disapproved by Office of Administrative Law12/20/2019

OAL Decision of Disapproval

2nd 15-Day Public Comment Period06/19/2019

Notice of Further Modifications to Proposed Regulations

Proposed Regulations - 5/31/19 revisions

Form AR-2 Addendum - Aggregate Claims Information - Rev.

1st 15-Day Public Comment Period05/20/2019

Notice of Modification of Proposed Regulations

Proposed Regulations - 5/1/19 revisions

Form AR-2 Addendum - Aggregate Claims Information

Public Hearing - 1/23/1912/19/2018

DWC Newsline 2018-101

Initial Statement of Reasons

Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

Proposed Regulations

Bickmore report Oct 2014 Public Sector Self Insured

Bickmore report June 2016 OSIP Report