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Predesignation & Chiropractor Treating Physician

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Approved by OAL & Filed w Sec of State - effective 7/1/1402/12/2014

DIR Newsline 14-16

Final statement of reasons

Notice of personal chiro/acupuncturist form

Predesignation of personal physician form

Regulations (clean copy)

Submitted to OAL for approval by 3/6/201401/24/2014

Final statement of reasons


45-day comment chart

45-Day Public Testimony10/07/2013

DIR Newsline 59-13

Initial statement of reasons

Notice of proposed rulemaking

1st Forum Comments11/16/2012

Draft regulation 9780.1 - predesignation

Draft regulation 9785 - PTP reporting duties

Draft regulation 9786 - petition for PTP change

DWC Newsline 51-12

Form 9783.1 - Personal chiro/acupuncturist notice

Form 9783 - Predesignation